Welcome to my Homepage!

Francesco Restuccia
Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern University
Boston, MA, USA

My research interests are the design and experimental evaluation of next-generation wireless systems for the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5/6G communications.

My technical expertise includes (i) FPGA-level embedded wireless system design; (ii) machine learning algorithms and frameworks; (iii) wireless communication standards and architectures; (iv) software-defined radio design and development.

I have been passionate about computers since a long time ago. I am a Linux user since 2000. I strongly believe in open source and sharing ideas with others. I am always open to collaboration — please contact me if you want to collaborate!

I am a member of the Roux Institute and the Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things at Northeastern University.


9/6/2020: I am a Guest Editor of a Feature Topic in IEEE Communications Magazine, “Networking Technologies to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic”. You can find the Call for Papers here.
9/1/2020: Our paper “Deep Learning at the Physical Layer: System Challenges and Applications to 5G and Beyond” has been accepted for publication in IEEE Communications Magazine.